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What We Do

We publish and host online digital study packs

  • Our study packs are comprehensive collections of e-texts, slides, sample programs, labs, homework, quizzes, projects, databases, and forums.

Preview Packs

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Use a Study Pack

Instructors adopt our study packs to support regularly scheduled courses at various schools - universities, colleges, and high schools.

  • For each course, we set up a custom course pack that is hosted on our fast and reliable server.
  • Students enroll in their course pack and work under the supervision of their instructor during regularly scheduled classes and beyond.

Independent learners enroll in special personal packs.

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Educational Goals

What we want is to see the student in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the student.

Our study packs are designed to boost student confidence and desire to learn by providing 24/7 access to all course resources and activities.